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Free College Scholarships – How I Got Them… and You Can Too…

Let’s face it… college is an expensive as heck 4 years (or more for some of us). I mean, we have to pay tuition, food, housing, transportation, books (ridiculous!). By the time you’re done it can be $50,000 or more. I think I’m a lot like you. I graduated college a little over a year [...]

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What is FAFSA ?

The FAFSA is one confusing animal when you first get started in figuring out financial aid and scholarships for college. For one, your FAFSA results can be a real pain the ass if it puts your parents contribution up too high… but, if you get great results from your FAFSA application, it could mean that [...]

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Wacky Scholarships…..the weird scholarships sequel

Posted on 26 January 2010

OK so it only took me a year to get back to talking about these wacky scholarships, but hey who is counting?  I appreciate all of the feedback on new and different ideas that you all have about scholarships that might be out there.  I have found a few scholarships that I just wanted to mention [...] Continue Reading

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Perkins Loan – Deferment,Cancellation,Consolidation

Posted on 11 January 2010

The Federal Perkins Loan is a campus-based loan because the lender is actually the college, rather than the Federal government or a financial institution. The Federal government allots funds to each participating college or university.   The college or university then distributes the funds to the students who have the greatest financial need. To see if [...] Continue Reading

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Types of Financial Aid For College – Loans, Grants, Scholarships, and More…

Posted on 08 January 2010

The most common question I hear from either prospective or current college students how can I pay for college?  What types of financial aid for college is there?   Well to be honest with you there are multiple ways to do and here is a list of the most common forms of financial aid…… Loans: There [...] Continue Reading

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13 Steps to the Best College Spring Break Vacation Prices…

Posted on 18 March 2008

It’s here! (for some of you it’s gone!) College Spring Break! I’ve been busy as heck in my new job since I got out of college… but I clearly remember my spring break trips (at least most of them )… and college wouldn’t have been the same without them. So, a reader shot me over [...] Continue Reading

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Importance of Building Good Credit in College

Posted on 19 February 2008

Your credit score is not just a number. It affects everything from whether you qualify for a mortgage application to whether an employer hires you or not. So, failing to take active measures to improve your ailing credit score can cost you hundreds or even thousands of extra bucks on a home mortgage, auto loan, [...] Continue Reading

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FAFSA Financial Aid – Top 5 ways to NOT get FAFSA financial aid…

Posted on 11 February 2008

One thing that I was pretty confused about when I was getting ready for college was the whole FAFSA thing. For a refresher on FAFSA, check out the article I wrote called, “What is FAFSA ?”.  It just gives you the rundown on stuff you need to know about the FAFSA… worth a quick read. [...] Continue Reading

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Weird Scholarships

Posted on 08 February 2008

I always hear a lot of college bound students say, “there are no scholarships out there for me!”  Well… I’m here to tell you that if you are alive and breathing, there are scholarships out there for you. You need to go beyond the normal everyday scholarships like the ones you apply for at the [...] Continue Reading

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Getting Scholarships

Posted on 08 February 2008

The other day a reader named Anne C. from Georgia asked me the simple question of: “How do I get scholarships?” Well Anne… this answer isn’t exactly simple… but it isn’t very complicated either.  I’ll give you a brief outline of what colleges look for, and point you toward other resources to help you get [...] Continue Reading

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